Wedding dresses of the "Malta Campaign 2020" collection are distinguished by special luxuriousness, sophistication and splendor.
Wild Stones
The Wild Stones 2020 collection was created based on the bohemian "boho" style. Wedding dresses of this genre embody grace and femininity in its original form, and undoubtedly will be appreciated by romantic, freedom-loving natures, not without a share of adventurism.
Spirit of Love
In this collection, every detail is thought out so that you look simply unique. The uniqueness of lace on all our outfits deserves special attention. Exquisite hand embroidery, a million crystals and beads, flying translucent fabrics and unusual guipure, sophisticated lines, delicate decor and high quality - this is the secret of this beauty.
Melody of Happiness
As in music every chord is filled with soulfulness, so the dresses of this collection have their own melody. Notes of love, romance and happiness are noticeable in the wealth of materials and fabrics, intricate embroideries and an interesting abundance of sparkle and decor.
Valencia Dreams
An elegant wedding collection called "Valencia Dreams" fascinates with exquisite silhouettes, floral lace and patterned embroidery, an abundance of delicate lace, sparkling crystals and pearls, exciting necklines and long trains... Beautiful, delicate and romantic!
Flickering trains, puffy skirts, deep necklines and open backs - all that real princesses love.
Collection 2018